Aimee Robinson founded EcoBalanza in 2009 to fulfill a very important mission: to create a sofa with integrity. To reach her destination, Aimee has built a truly toxic-free, sustainable and ethical luxury upholstered furniture workshop in Seattle. Along the way, she had to blaze her own trail and make her own map.

“To me there are certain crafts we should treasure and I think it is critical that we preserve them. So I set out to ensure the craft endures and create 100% organic furniture that lasts—instead of ending up in a landfill.”

As she set out on her journey, Aimee realized it’s about forging relationships with each and every player in the supply chain. Like points on the compass, Aimee found master craftspeople to bring a deep foundation to the work, then sourced raw materials from passionate producers -like organic wool from local family owned sheep farms, wood for frames certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), nontoxic finishes, and certified organic textiles for upholstery.

“Everything is connected and through this process, I have an allegiance to my community. So in a tiny way, I can be responsible for social impact— supporting women owned businesses, fighting inequity, poverty and discrimination—by ensuring absolute integrity along the entire supply chain and manufacturing process.”

With a production team and a customer base that are both values-aligned, Aimee pointed out, the social impact holds up. “And this is something that is very personal to me.”