EcoBalanza, chosen for ILFI Seattle Headquarters

We are happy to report that the International Living Future Institute has chosen one of our pieces to grace the lobby of their downtown offices.

ILFI, headquartered in Seattle, “offers green building and infrastructure solutions that move across scales (from single room renovations to neighborhoods or whole cities),” supported by programs like their living product and living building challenges, which encourage manufacturers and builders to build with sustainable and non-toxic materials.

The piece, a two-part sectional with custom cushions and thick cushioned arms, is made entirely of 3rd party certified non-toxic and natural materials, in line with ILFI’s mission for sustainably made products and homes.

“We wanted to create something for the space that was comfortable, and encouraged people to come together—to sit around and relax for a moment. The arm width, chaise width and seat depths are all a little wider than usual to really invite people in—there’s always space for one more.”


ILFI’s Declare-certified material database is free and accessible for all, helping designers, commercial clients and homeowners wade through the greenwashing for truly sustainable and responsible outcomes. It is compatible with LEED certification, and third-party verified for confidence in materials. A great resource for homeowners looking to renovate, or for developers building on a larger scale, living building challenges have led to some of the greenest construction in the world.

Our partnerships with amazing organizations like this one is just a small part of the greater picture in building safe and non-toxic spaces to live in. As a mission-based company, we think that the relationships we build with our suppliers, clients and staff contribute to a culture of caretaking, both of each other and the environment. And more and more, Seattle is proving itself to be the best place to take on these challenges together.

Commissioned by International Living Future Institute (ILFI), from now on, you can see and sit on this piece in the lobby of their downtown office in the Bullitt Center, the greenest commercial building on Earth.