100% non toxic

Why should I care about buying a non toxic sofa?

Researchers at Duke University and the University of California-Berkeley found that 85% of couches contain toxic flame-retardants in addition to a wide range of other chemicals including as formaldehyde, pthalates and CFCs.  These chemicals have been linked to health issues including: cancer, lower IQ scores, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, thyroid disorders, neuro-developmental and fertility problems.

That is why we go to great lengths to bring your family 100% non toxic furniture and we’re eager to share with you exactly what’s inside everything we make. We carefully select organic materials and eliminate petrochemicals altogether inside your sofa. Our furniture contains NO chemical flame retardants. GOLS certified organic 100% Dunlop latex is used instead of soy foam or blended latex; FSC certified solid Alder and Western Maple frames replace formaldehyde treated, non-durable pressboard, plywood and other imitation wood products; organic cotton and organic wool batting provide all the lofty softness you could want; and our GOTS certified organic wool also acts as a natural flame retardant. We offer 0% VOC wood stains and finishes and a broad range of certified upholstery fabric options.

Whether you have young children, chemical sensitivities or, like a growing number of homeowners, you just want to rid your home of unnecessary chemicals, contact us to plan and place your order.

There are a lot of companies now that claim to be “eco”, “natural” or offer “green packages”.  How are their products different from EcoBalanza’s products?

The market demand for health conscious and ecologically sound upholstered furniture is growing. More and more companies are stepping up to offer options to consumers. Yet when we dig a little deeper into the materials and practices of many of them, we often find their claims fall short of the high bar we set as a safeguard for our clients and the world. Often, minor adjustments have been made to existing conventional processes such as replacing foam with flame retardants with non FR treated foam, by using 'soy foam' which can still contain up to 92% petroleum products, or by increasing the total amount of recycled materials used in each piece. 

Here are some questions worth asking:

  • Where specifically are the pieces manufactured? Is it possible to tour the factory?

  • How big and widespread is the company? 'Green' often does not work well at a large scale.

  • Are the 'green' furniture lines produced in factories where chemicals are being used for conventional lines of furniture?

  • Can less expensive and less 'green' materials be used to bring the price down? If "yes," then the company is not green.

  • If the foam is not FR treated, what about the material around it?* Since petroleum is fuel, what in the furniture is acting as a flame retardant?

Frankly, we are glad to see any movement toward less toxic, and more environmentally friendly practices and materials. But to us gradients of green are not enough.

EcoBalanza is a mission-based company, committed to making the cleanest product possible. Each EcoBalanza piece is 100% toxic free, exclusively handcrafted by our artisan team in our studio in Seattle, Washington. 

*It is important that consumers who choose non FR treated foam ensure that some material in the piece will act as a flame retardant (we use 100% GOTS certified organic wool), as flexible polyurethane foam is still highly flammable, will burn fast and hot and emit toxic fumes.

Socially responsible

What commitment does EcoBalanza have to sustainable manufacturing?

We are deeply committed to preserving the environment. That is why we use only non-toxic materials, which also happen to be sustainable. We are committed to responsible sourcing and use only FSC-certified wood for our frames. We select organic wool and cotton and sustainably harvested latex for our cushions. For customers who select polyester upholstery, we have a recycled-only version available. To make sure that our products tread lightly, we’ve designed our manufacturing environment around biodegradability and recycling.

Ecobalanza is a member of the Sustainable Seattle’ PNW Resilience Challenge's multi-year initiative aimed at enhancing small business sustainability and resilience.

How does EcoBalanza support the local community?

We believe that true sustainability extends to the web of people who supply our materials and build our furniture.  All of our products are hand-built in Seattle by our craftspeople in collaboration with a close-knit community of artisans, farmers and suppliers, many of whom are women-owned businesses.  We work with local, family-owned farms to source our wool and cotton whenever possible.   

We are a proud participant of SeattleMade, an initiative to grow and support our urban manufacturing and producer economy.


What is the price range for EcoBalanza furniture

Pricing is driven by configuration option, fabric and customization and is available on request. Our pure, heritage-handcrafted furniture is comparably priced to high-end luxury designer brands including Ligne Roset and Roche Bobois.

What makes an EcoBalanza piece an heirloom?

Our furniture is made to last, built with the hands and care of trained artisans working with superior materials.  We use the true traditional practice of hand-tying steel coils with jute fiber cord at every point of intersection. This method makes our furniture not only incredibly strong, but also extremely comfortable.  Our frames are solid wood, and our organic latex cushions are wrapped with luxurious organic wool that will last much longer than standard furniture grade polyurethane foam. Plus the wool is naturally fire-retardant and anti-microbial! We know you’ll be able to hand this furniture down to your grandchildren. In addition, no VOC will be emitted as we use 0% finishes and we use solid wood vs. plywood or pressed wood. In contrast, typical conventionally made furniture is more often than not made to be inexpensive or to be changed out often and therefore it often has inferior materials that will not last, thereby contributing to more landfill waste.

Does EcoBalanza offer a guarantee?

Yes. For the frame, springing and structural craftsmanship of each EcoBalanza sofa, we offer a life-time guarantee. For our latex cushions, in addition to fantastic comfort, our crafting practices are carefully designed to utterly minimize the breakdown of the latex. They are covered by a 10 year warranty with normal use, though it is reasonable to expect them to remain in good condition for 20-40 years. For our kapok-stuffed back cushions, we offer a 5 year warranty with normal use, though we have personal pieces that are nine years old and still in excellent condition. We also cover craftsmanship of the exterior upholstery against defect for 2 years, though we do not cover the fabric itself.


What kind of customization is included with my EcoBalanza Sofa?

We will customize any piece in our collection to fit your shape, usage, and style. Are you short and petite or tall and solid? Do you like to lie down, put your feet up, prop with pillows, or sit formally with guests? Conventional furniture is made for the non-existent “average” consumer, so the dimensions and design might not work for you.  We will 'fit' your EcoBalanza piece to your body and your life.

Does EcoBalanza only make Sofas?

No. Our collection of designs are essentially 'Style Standards.' In addition to Sofas and Loveseats, we can adjust our Style Standards to craft a pure, beautiful and comfortable Multi-Piece Sectional, Sleeper Sofa, Chair or Ottoman to elegantly suit your space and life. We also frequently craft custom Headboards, Pillows and Cushions.

What kinds of fabrics are available?

We offer a broad range of certified and natural fabric options. These include fabrics made out of natural fibers such as wool, hemp, organic cotton, linen, alpaca, ramie*; certified vegetable tanned and dyed leather, and certified (non-toxic) polyester-blend fabrics. Fabric samples are available on request.

Does EcoBalanza make completely custom or 'one-off' pieces?

Absolutely. If you have a dream piece in mind or you are inspired by the design of a commercial/toxic piece that you do not want in your home, send us photos, dimensions, specifications, etc. We can chat about how to make something just for you using our radical materials and techniques.

Can EcoBalanza make Custom Cushions for my existing sofa, bench or nook?

Yes, we manufacture a range of accessories including custom cushions and pillows to suit whatever space you need.


Does EcoBalanza have a showroom?

We do not currently have a showroom, but we invite you to schedule a visit to our Studio in Seattle, Washington, where our artisans build each piece from scratch. You can see, smell and touch our all natural materials, see our artisans in action, ask all the questions you can think of, browse photos of many pieces we've made in the past, and define the singular piece or set you'd like us to make for you!  Call us at 888.220.6020 to schedule your visit.

How long will it take to handcraft my piece?

Each piece has its own timeline, depending on how many orders are ahead of you, the amount of customization desired, the size of the piece and availability of the fabric and other materials, and where the piece needs to be shipped to.  Our production cycle tends to range between 8 and 16 weeks, with pieces most commonly completed between 10 and 12 weeks. 

Can my order be cancelled after I have put down my deposit? 

After we have started to build your furniture or ordered and cut the fabric, we cannot cancel an order.

Can furniture be returned?

We stand behind every piece that we make and will work with you to remedy any issues you may have with your sofa.

How can I ensure that my furniture is shipped and delivered safely? 

EcoBalanza has years of experience shipping large pieces of furniture all over the country (and outside the country as well).  We are proud to offer White Glove shipping service to all customers, which includes placement of furniture inside your room of choice (including 2 floors) unpacking, and debris removal.  There are additional charges for delivery to floors higher than the 2nd floor.  Contact us for an estimate.

Can I buy a Sofa on your website?

No. We craft each EcoBalanza piece to-order to suit the preference of each EcoBalanza client. To do that, it is important our clients connect with us personally -by phone or in-person when possible. Call us at 888.220.6020 to chat about the pure, beautiful, comfortable EcoBalanza piece you want us to make just for you.