This unique fiber has been harvested for centuries to make natural mattresses and cushions in other parts of the world. What’s its global appeal? Pure comfort with additional benefits.

Kapok is a hypoallergenic natural fiber, which is lightweight and has a hollow structure with a waxy outer coating, making it a lofty material very similar to down. We use kapok in our back cushions to make them extra lofty.

Kapok is naturally chemical-free. It is hand-harvested from seed pods of the kapok tree. The fiber is protected in its pod from the elements and naturally contains a bitter substance that keeps pests away. Kapok fiber is clean and pure straight out of its pod – it requires no chemical processing when used for cushions stuffing.

Kapok is also naturally water-repellent (it was used to fill life jackets), and biodegradable. Because it is highly flammable, we wrap the kapok in locally sourced wool batting for safety, since wool acts as a natural flame retardant.