Why wool ? Because it is :

  • an extremely resilient material that keep sheeps warm, dry and comfortable in heat, cold, rain, dust
  • long lasting, it is extremely hard wearing and will not tear or fray
  • comfortable, wrinkle-resistant and its springs back into shape easily
  • healthy, unlikely to irritate the most sensitive skin
  • safe, naturally resistant to flames and much harder to ignite than other types of fabric.
  • eco-friendly, biodegradable and when disposed of correctly it will decompose and add nutrients back into the soil.

Wool isn't one size fits all. We use many different kinds of wool:

Oeko-Tex® certified French biowool

We use a thick, felted Oeko-Tex® certified, pure, virgin wool from France. This thick felt makes it the best natural flame retardant! Along with the extraordinary flame retardant properties, this felted wool softens all final edges of the piece. 

Locally sourced (Washington state) wool batting

We have been honored to partner with local family owned farms for our lofty wool batting. Our local wool batting comes to us as fleeces that are naturally processed by Ed & Sue at their mill.

We have selected this specific wool because of the loft for our back cushions, and the natural flame retardant properties. This wool is NOT processed with lye nor is it treated with harsh chemicals, as many commercial wools are.

To learn more about our local wool sourcing, read our blog article.

Gots certified Merino wool with two different thicknesses

Two different thicknesses of this gorgeous GOTS certified Merino wool are used to build our pieces in order to attain a perfect balance of comfort, beauty, design and softness.

We use thick wool for cushions and a thinner wool to soften and shape the frame, and as a natural flame retardant.

Merino wool is one of the finest and softest wools, with properties such as breathability, moisture management and natural heating and cooling.