For most of her adult life, EcoBalanza's CEO, Aimee Robinson has been committed to two ideas: Preserving the environment and advancing social justice. Today, Aimee is on a mission to create the ultimate organic sofa (chair, sectional, ottoman and headboard), one that is beautiful and comfortable yet embodies healthful living, environmental preservation and social responsibility. 








We only work with ethical suppliers to select 3rd party certified organic, natural and non-toxic materials. Each material has a purpose and contributes uniquely to comfort and durability.

Over the past ten years, we have worked to find the purest and highest quality 3rd party certified materials that have zero negative impact on the communities where they are produced. The result? Green furniture for your home or business that is chemical-free. No flame retardants, VOCs or polyurethane foam. Whether you're looking for an organic sectional sofa, chair, ottoman or upholstered headboard, with EcoBalanza, you are investing in your family's health and well-being. For those living with multiple chemical sensitivities, EcoBalanza is the cleanest option available today.

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Everything we do considers our impact on people and our environment throughout the production process. We only work with ethical suppliers who are committed to preserving the environment while operating in a socially conscious way.

We maintain vertical control of our supply-chain, choosing the farms and forests that our materials come from and managing the path of our green sofas from earth, to home, into earth again. This is how we ensure that our raw materials have had minimal impact on the environment throughout the production process. The result? An eco-friendly sofa for your home or business that is is also truly people-friendly.


Our team of artisans use old-world techniques to ensure the highest quality and lasting comfort, guaranteed.

Each EcoBalanza green sofa tells a story. Our pieces are entirely and individually handcrafted by skilled artisans in our Seattle workshop who apply careful and laborious but time-honored techniques that machines simply cannot replicate. The result? We are able to respond to each person’s individual needs for comfort and specific material preferences to produce beautiful organic sofas that will last for a life time.


“Thank you focusing so intently on eliminating the unnecessary chemicals from your furniture!  It feels good to buy from a company that raises the bar and sweats the details.”

Hannah – New York, NY


“The sofa turned out exactly as I hoped. The design and color make it utterly unique, and it’s the most comfortable piece in my home, but what makes me happiest is knowing that it’s entirely natural and toxin-free.” 

Christina – New York, NY

“My son loves his new chair so much that he hugs it! My son has down syndrome, and the extra care you took to personalize this design for me – the soft organic cotton cover, and extra soft, thick organic wool cushioning throughout – makes it his ‘happy place’.   It gives me joy knowing he’ll have something of such quality for a lifetime.”

Clark – Seattle, W


For more than a decade, the team at EcoBalanza has been lovingly creating some of the most beautiful handmade green furniture available using only natural, non-toxic and 3rd party certified materials which are sourced locally whenever possible. Each piece is carefully handmade in our Seattle workshop to the highest of standards by our dedicated and experienced team of skilled artisans. This is how we ensure the highest quality and comfort, guaranteed.

Whether you choose an organic sectional sofa from our Couture Collection, a standardized piece from our Essential Collection, or commission a custom sofa, our mastery of techniques and materials allows us to respond to each person’s individual preferences including dimensions, construction method, materials and comfort.