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10 companies making healthy interior products

EcoBalanza is building the world’s most ethical luxury upholstered furniture. For over a decade, EcoBalanza has been sourcing the cleanest and most responsible materials, sourced with quality and integrity in mind. Ethically sourced, natural and organic materials create each of their products including finely crafted and sustainable sofas, chairs, ottomans and headboards. The Couture Collection consists of luxurious custom-made green upholstered furniture that can meet your personal preferences. Key features of each Couture piece include eight-way hand-tied coil springs system, under-upholstery layer with certified organic cotton twill and endless customization. READ MORE

Spot light: beautiful green furniture companies

Ecobalanza specializes in upholstered couches and chairs. The company is committed to sourcIng the highest quality organic materials possible. Free from flame retardants and polyurethane foam, Ecobalanza offers GOTS certified fabrics, as well as organic latex and wool filling. Ecobalanza is based out of Seattle. READ MORE

EcoBalanza CEO Aimee Robinson built a toxin-free business

When EcoBalanza founder Aimee Robinson first decided to get into the furniture business, she dissected sofas to learn more about the internal structure and find out what materials they used.

”I like to control things,” Robinson said. “I want to understand everything from every single perspective.” READ MORE


The Ultimate Guide to Eco-Friendly and Ethical Furniture

Crème de la crème in terms of meeting sustainability criteria and having certifications to prove it. They’re about to become the only furniture company to receive the most stringent certification available.  READ MORE

Here a flame retardant, there a flame retardant, everywhere a flame retardant!

I love my organic, truly non-toxic, furniture from Ecobalanza Take the first step and get rid of your toxic furniture and mattresses and create a healthy home environment for you and your kids. READ MORE

The 10 Best Green Upholstered Furniture Companies

Are you in the market for an eco-friendly sofa or side chair? If so, then you'll want to check out these ten companies leading the way in sustainable furnishings. From their use of FSC-certified wood frames, all-natural materials like wool and organic cotton, and non-toxic, formaldehyde-free stains and finishes, these companies aren't only better for you and the planet, but their sofas are darn stylish to boot.
… Previously known as Greener Lifestyles, this Seattle-based manufacturer creates high-quality furniture with all non-toxic materials, including organic cotton and wool, renewable latex foam cushions, and 100% solvent-free, water-based glues."         READ MORE

10 Best Places To Find Eco-Friendly Furniture When You’re Trying To Be Green

This company was formerly known as Greener Lifestyles, and is based in Seattle. All of the high-end furniture is made with non-toxic materials such as organic cotton and wool, solvent-free, water-based glues, and renewable latex foam. READ MORE

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More affordable green sofas and chairs

EcoBalanza - Made with FSC-Certified, kiln-dried wood, natural latex foam cushions, 8-way hand tied coil springs and eco-friendly adhesives. Available upholstery options include recycled Polyester along with organic hemp, cotton and wool. READ MORE



Would you like flame retardants with that couch?

Most of Aimee Robinson’s customers are moms. And more of them are starting to ask questions about the contents of the couches and chairs she constructs.

“I get moms crying on the phone,” said Robinson, owner of the green furniture company EcoBalanza. “Their main concern is protecting their loved ones from exposure to toxic chemicals.”  READ MORE


The elusive organic sofa

…Here’s a design-focused company with high standards in health and ecology.…READ MORE



Seek out sustainable furniture by learning its backstory

EcoBalanza, the Seattle-based designer and maker of upholstered furniture uses organic fabrics, FSC-certified wood and solvent-free adhesives. READ MORE



14 Eco-Friendly Furniture Sources For A Stylish & Conscious Home

EcoBalanza is the leader in sofas and sectionals that are both incredibly comfortable and responsibly-sourced. They are FSC-certified, which ensures that their products come from responsible managed forests that provide triple bottom line benefits, and everything from their fabrics to adhesives are eco-friendly. They have a custom design process, where you choose a Collection piece and select your preferred style, configuration, and baseline fabric. READ MORE

Flame Retardant-Free Gliders, Rockers & Sofas

EcoBalanza furniture is made in Seattle using natural, organic and recycled materials. They use locally sourced organic wool as their flame retardant. READ MORE

Non-Toxic Furniture and Couches

These hand made, customised sofas are made to last many generations. They use wool, organic cotton, and natural latex with no flame retardants.  They can use a different finish if the customer is sensitive to linseed. They can also accommodate a latex allergy by replacing latex with their other materials…READ MORE