Other manufacturers simply staple springs to the frame. We use the age-old method of counter-tensioning each of the steel springs inside your EcoBalanza piece with jute fiber cord in an intricate network of hand-tied knots. Each spring is braced to draw support and share the load across the entire network. This makes our furniture incredibly durable, resisting to sagging, and wonderfully comfortable.


The frame is shaped with organic cotton, wrapped in organic wool and organic latex for softness, comfort and style. Cushions are made from GOLS latex wrapped in a double layer of GOTS wool.  This is hand-stitched to the latex or custom crafted coil cushions with individually made pockets and layers of long staple US grown organic cotton with hand-stitched wool wrapping.


Back cushions can be made with GOLS latex and GOTS wool for a more structured look or with our locally sourced Cheviot and Dorset wool filled with hand-fluffed kapok and hand stitched closed. Seat backs can also be made directly onto the frame for tight-cushion looks.  



To create a truly lasting piece for your home, we use organic cotton twill as under-upholstery lining. It helps form the final shape, keep the dust out of stuffing materials and prolong the life of the upholstery top fabric. In addition, all seat and back cushion covers are removable (when applicable).




Finally, we upholster your piece in the fabric of your choice and add legs or feet before carefully packaging it up to be shipped to you home.


Mai-recessed-walnut-leg copy.gif


While we do not currently retail in stores, we invite you to visit our showroom and manufacturing site in Seattle where you can touch, smell and see our all natural materials and watch our craftspeople in action. Contact us to schedule your visit.