Jute is a natural bast fiber, harder than other textile fibers and environment-friendly, since it can be grown without pesticides. Jute has a lot of beneficial properties: it produces no skin irritation, it is 100% biodegradable, its tensile strength is high, and it is highly breathable.

Jute webbing is used to create a base or foundation to support springs. To create a very strong foundation, it is important to tack the webbing strips as close together as possible.

Burlap is a very durable woven fabric made from 100% jute, with a coarse texture, from the strong jute fibers. We use burlap to reinforce the back and sides of our pieces.

While most mass-market manufacturers either do not reinforce their pieces or use plastic, our use of jute burlap and jute webbing ensures that our pieces are sturdy and will hold up over time.