Natural organic latex (rubber) is pure, natural rubber, harvested exclusively from the “Hevea Brasiliensis” tree, which grows primarily in South-East Asia. The collection of organic rubber sap does not require any chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides, and the entire rubber tree, from which latex is produced, can be used with virtually no waste. Rubber trees have a life cycle of about 32 years, and sap harvesting may begin when the tree is roughly 7 years old.

We use GOLS certified organic Dunlop latex, with no fillers or fire-retardant treatments, to make seat cushions, armrests, and backs cushions (upon request). Latex is non-toxic, recyclable, biodegradable, incredibly comfortable and safe for any space, and the certified organic Dunlop latex we use is supportive and durable, providing adequate support for your shape and spine without retaining the impressions from your body weight. Unlike other foams, organic latex breathes, is mold, mildew and mite resistant.

Conventional green manufacturers sometimes use soy foams or non-organic latex. Blended, hybrid foams and petrochemical-based foams, such as soy foam, contain a small percentage of rubber or plant oils, but are primarily synthetic, and contain large amounts of poorly-regulated chemicals, which pose significant health risks. Non-organic latex is often grown with harmful pesticides which damage communities and can poison your indoor air quality.

For more about our choice to use GOLS-certified Latex, read our blog here.