It’s simple. We make green sofas with meaning. There is a story to every component of every organic sofa we build. Our pieces are not commercially manufactured. Unlike others, we control everything from concept and design to final product and we don’t use contract manufacturers.

Whether you have multiple chemical sensitivities or simply want the cleanest green furniture for you home, you can trust our materials and the processes used the create them. What's more, we only make organic and toxic free furniture in our workshop.  Others use the same space to make standard and "eco-friendly" items.

 We are transparent about our work. We invite you to visit us to see to experience our materials and our pieces for yourself.  That way you will understand that you just feel different when you sit in something that feels that clean.


While we try not to take ourselves too seriously, we are deadly serious when it comes to choosing materials. We would go so far as to say, it’s an obsession.

Each material has a purpose and contributes uniquely to comfort and durability. This applies equally to the parts you can see and those you can’t. That’s why for more than a decade, we’ve worked diligently and intentionally to identify the perfect material for each part of our pieces.

For example, we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about and testing different types of wool to find ones that don’t mat or compress over time. After much experimentation, we now hand-stitch long-fibered Merino wool - which stays lofty for a long time - to latex seat cushions.  But, we didn’t stop there. We have found that specific properties of Cheviot and Dorset wool are perfect for back and seat cushions. We source ours directly from a farmer who processes the wool for us by hand.


We care so much about comfort that someone literally spends hours hand fluffing Kapok so it catches air before we fold it into our pillows. Because kapok is highly flammable, we wrap it in an envelope of fire-resistant wool which is then hand sewn closed. We use organic cotton we get directly from US farmers to shape and soften each piece. We actually know which farm each roll of cotton comes from and we have a partner who hand cards the cotton for us. That’s how serious we are.


Once we identified the materials we wanted to use for our green sofas, we set out to find partners who could meet our exacting standards. Today, we only work with ethical suppliers who are as committed to preserving the environment while operating in a socially conscious way as we are. We also care about creating green furniture for people with multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) who cannot tolerate the materials used in commercially-made furniture.

We only use natural and non-toxic materials that are locally sourced as much as possible.  All our partners have 3rd party certifications like the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), the Global Organic Textile Standard, Global Organic Latex Standard and Greenguard. By vertically controlling our supply chain, we ensure that our raw materials have had minimal impact on the environment throughout the production process. One of the reasons we choose organic cotton, for example, is that factory farmed cotton is extremely water intensive which means that pesticides are washed into the groundwater which impacts local communities.

Because we get to know our suppliers before we start working with them, we know that they treat and pay their workers fairly which is very important to us. And when you want a green sofa for your home, you also need to consider the people who make it.

For our clients living with multiple chemical sensitivities, our approach to materials often offers the option option for green furniture.


Generational durability is at the core of a sustainable approach and the promise we make to every client. Each EcoBalanza piece is individually handcrafted by skilled artisans who apply careful and laborious but time-honored techniques that machines simply cannot replicate. 

While we offer a life-time guarantee on the structure of everything we build, we do care about the full-life cycle.  Because our pieces are made from all-natural materials, they are biodegradable and recyclable.

So, in the end what really makes us different? The truth is, we’re passionate about what we do. We’re perpetually covered in kapok fluff, we know the names of the sheep that give us our wool and we spend a lot of time dreaming about handmade Romanian rope.  But most importantly, we’re uncompromising in our quest to deliver the world’s most comfortable, environmentally responsible and ethical upholstered furniture.


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